Case Based Surveillance Implementation Guide
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The Case Based Surveillance (CBS) Implementation Guide is based on FHIR Version R4 and defines the minimum set of constraints on the FHIR resources to create the CBS Profiles. This is a proof of concept/demonstration FHIR IG based around representation of data included as part of public health case surveillance Message Mapping Guides (MMGs). Currently, there is one way to implement the CBS IG:

  1. Profile Only Support: Systems may support only the CBS Profiles to represent public health information.

How to read this Guide

This Guide is divided into several pages which are listed at the top of each page in the menu bar.

  • Home: The home page provides the introduction and background for CBS.
  • Artifacts: These pages provides detailed descriptions and formal definitions for all the FHIR objects defined in this guide.
    • Profiles and Extensions: This page lists the set of Profile and Extension that are defined in this guide to exchange quality data. Each Profile page includes a narrative introduction and formal definition for the profile.
    • Terminology: This page lists the value sets and code system defined for profiles.
  • Examples: List of all the examples used in this guide.

CBS Profiles

The list of CBS Profiles is shown below. Each profile defines the minimum mandatory elements, extensions and terminology requirements that MUST be present. For each profile, requirements and guidance are given in a simple narrative summary. A formal hierarchical table that presents a logical view of the content in both a differential and snapshot view is also provided along with references to appropriate terminologies and examples.

US CBS Profiles (US Core and US Public Health Based)

CBS Profiles (Base FHIR)

Primary Authors: Andrew Stevens, Elizabeth Shivers, Myung Choi